Advent Sermon Series: The Magnificat

For the season of Advent we will be reading through the virgin Mary's song "The Magnificat" found in Luke's Gospel. This famous passage seems to set the tone for the entire Gospel of Luke and serves as a wonderful introduction to the Gospel as a whole, as well as a great way to begin a new church year.

The first week we will cover the text as a whole and then each week after that we will highlight a small part of the passage and read it in conjunction with excerpts from the story of Abraham. 



Week 1 - Sunday November 29, 2015

Scripture Readings
Luke 1:26-56


Week 2 - Sunday December 6, 2015

Scripture Readings
Genesis 12:1-3
Luke 1:46-49


Week 3 - Sunday December 13, 2015

Scripture Readings
Genesis 15:1-6
Luke 1:50-52


Week 4 - Sunday December 20, 2015

Scripture Readings
Genesis 17:1-8
Luke 1:53-55